How You Can Heal Your Own Pain

Most people believe in either pharmaceuticals or natural medicines. They believe in doctors or shamans and healers, in pain killers or essential oils, or any combination thereof. But what if none of the above matter? What if your true healer can only be found within?

I’m one of those annoying people who tell others, "you're only imagining your pain. It's only in your mind." And I don't do this from malice, or lack of empathy, it's what I truly believe. Of course, this advice often falls on deaf ears. "Of course, you can't heal your own disease," they say. I've got to see my doctor (or healer).

There have been hundreds of books written about mind over medicine. But is it easier said than done?

I'm a Reiki practitioner. I've seen the effect hands-on-healing can have. It does work. I've also had surgeries. I have taken pharmaceuticals for headaches. I've also used essential oils. There's nothing wrong with these, and for many they offer relief. But do they help because we believe they will work or do they have some magical/scientific power in themselves?

The Universe put me to a test to see if I could take my own advice.

Every January, I do a month-long detox. This has a couple of benefits. Number one is that I can spend the holiday season indulging in whatever I desire: foods, drinks, chocolates, gingerbread cookies. Number two is that in January, I reset my system. I rid myself of any sugar, alcohol, coffee, or cheese addiction I may have. I check in with myself. I remind myself of what foods are healthy, and what best to avoid. Over the ten years, I have done this, I have changed my everyday diet. For example, instead of peanut butter, I eat almond butter. I'm aware of how gluten affects my weight and my well-being. Tomatoes make my skin break out, so I eat less of them (although I absolutely love salsa. Hold the chips!).

The downside of this detox is that for some strange reason, my tailbone gets inflamed. Every. Single. Year. I've had it checked out by all sorts of doctors, but no one can find anything wrong. It's a 2-3 day issue, and then it goes away by itself.

This year, however, hell broke loose. On the second day of my detox, the pain started. I took an Advil. On day three, the pain increased, and I couldn't sleep. As soon as I lay down, it felt as if I had a knife in my back. I took a hot bath and put a heat pack on it. On day four, the pain became unbearable. I put an ice pack on it, and it helped a little. I got up every two hours to get a new icepack. On day five, the pain got worse, so I tried a pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory salve. It didn't have any effect. I was still popping Advil, trying to lessen the pain, but nothing helped. Then I tried essential oils. The pain started to lessen a little until I lay down in bed when it started all over again.

Essential oils. Advil. Ice. Over and over again. All along, I kept thinking of being a hypocrite. I always tell others that their diseases are only in their mind, but I couldn't get a grip of what to do.

And then my spirit guides said: meditate. I ignored them. They repeated their advice: meditate. I thought I wasn't going to be able to sit down long enough with the pain to meditate, but I decided to try it. At this point, I was ready to amputate the entire lower part of my body just to get rid of the pain. I found two guided healing meditations on YouTube, listened to them, and the pain subsided like a miracle. Wooohooo!

Every time I felt the pain advancing, I repeated to myself: "All my cells are healthy and vital," and the discomfort disappeared.

Until I went to bed. Having endured three sleepless nights, I was tired. I fell asleep fast but fifteen minutes later I woke with excruciating pain. Oh no, not again! I got up, walked around for a bit, and then I went to sleep again, this time with an ice pack on my back. I used the images I had learned from the guided meditation, seeing my pain as a form, and surrounding it with green healing light. But then an idea entered my mind. The pain had lessened. If it felt like a knife before, it was now like a long nail. So why not just pull the nail out? I used my imagination to pull the nail out of my back, and... It disappeared. I slept until morning without waking once, without changing the ice pack, without doing anything else.

Like a miracle, I had healed myself.

Imagine your pain as a form, and surround it with healing light. Then imagine that you're removing it from your body, as if it were a thing.

Next year, I will know what to do. I will start off with ice packs, essential oils, and meditation, and hopefully, the pain will either be manageable, or non-existent. And now that I know the mantra of "All my cells are healthy and vital," I can always keep the pain at bay.

What I'm really curious about, though, is why this pain happens. I've got an inkling that it's got something to do with Kundalini, but I'm not sure. I'll have to explore that.

Until then I would love to hear from you…

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