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Read below to see what clients are saying about my channeled readings, healing sessions, and insight into their Akashic Records. For a full list of spiritual services and other helpful links, go to the SPIRITUALITY page. 

Testimonials - Tarot
Channeled Tarot/ Psychic Readings

"I wanted to tell you how accurate and detail-oriented I found your channeling to be. And so spot on. I was amazed at the details you were able to flesh out in our session. I have since had another channeling with another friend, and what you shared with me about my Native American guide was again conjecturably affirmed. His name was affirmed. His leaving feathers as guideposts was affirmed. His place for me in a South West community was affirmed. The guidance given in our session has confirmed for me that my call to move out of New York City is divinely encouraged. I truly say you are quite gifted. I look forward to meeting you again at the table of sacredness.  " - Lynn, NYC 

"Kristi, estoy pensando que tus dotes de leer cartas son super ciertos… estoy sorprendida.” - Anthuanett, Lima, Peru

"I’ve had several tarot card readings with Kristi and have been so impressed that I have been going back time after time. Kristi is not only a very talented reader, but she is also a very good coach and guide who helps you open up your eyes for potentials through her readings. I have referred many of my friends to Kristi and they have all been very impressed.- Negar, NYC

"I had a reading with Kristi about two years ago, and slowly the things that she saw have started to happen. After one year, one thing came true, and after two years, the next thing happened. Now I'm waiting for the next thing... Kristi also told me that I had a "guardian" following me wherever I went and she described him in detail. Interestingly, two other people who didn't know each other and who live in different parts of the world have described the same man." - Patricia, Qatar 

"I've never felt so comfortable with a spiritual advisor. Kristi constantly explained the process and made me feel comfortable at all times. I walked out of there feeling confident and excited. I highly recommend her for whatever reasons you are seeking spiritual advisement." - Jennie, NYC

"From the get-go, I could already sense that Kristi was truly a warm, sincere and genuine person. Her life experiences were already a sign of the gift that would later be her calling. She helped me though a very difficult divorce and completely changed my outlook about what the future held for me. I was so impressed, I asked Kristi to give my entire family, i.e., my Dad, siblings, and aunts, to have a reading and each of them came away what an eerie feeling of, how could she have known what she did." - Dr. Lolade, Lagos, Nigeria

Testimonals: Reiki

-Petra, NYC

Reiki Healing

After having brain surgery to remove a pituitary tumor, my world turned upside down. The physical pain and the emotional roller coaster I was on was a lot to deal with. I had no way of releasing all these built-up emotions and my doctor’s orders were to avoid any sudden or strenuous movements such as coughing, sneezing, and of course crying for weeks. No crying allowed, what would I do? I decided to try Reiki out in an effort to stay somewhat sane through the whole process. I’m still amazed at the effect Reiki had on my body. I could feel the energy traveling and exiting my body in waves and at the end of the session I felt like I had shed pounds of excess baggage. I think Kristi realized how much I needed her help because she would caringly be on her knees and the most uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time. I’m grateful Kristi Introduced me to Reiki and I’m forever in her debt for all her help and support during that difficult time. THANK YOU!” - Ruth, NYC

“Kristi, whatever you do, keep on doing what God sent you here to do. You are a true light bearer. I felt completely transformed and balanced after my Reiki session.” - Helen, NYC

"I am enjoying the Reiki and having the chance to bring you in to help me with working on my energy and emotional side, something that doesn’t typically get enough attention. I’d say I am in a period of equilibrating my life balance and recognizing that there are some areas that have gotten out of check and need a bit of work. Your insight about my personality is also very much appreciated.

- Jeremy, Toronto 

"I had the most wonderful experience with distance Reiki last year. I was going through emotional turmoil in my life and Kristi was so professional in guiding me through the process step by step. In my case, it was my stomach that was in emotional pain, and after only one day, the pain subsided and I felt a good energy returning to my body." - Alan, Dublin, Ireland

"I’ve received healing from Kristi on several occasions, both distance Reiki and in person. My acute back pain was healed overnight, and I also get ongoing treatment from Kristi for a condition with positive results. Kristi is a warm, approachable person who you immediately feel comfortable and safe with. After the sessions it’s remarkable how often we have “seen” and felt the same things. I can thoroughly recommend Kristi." - Tina, Stockholm, Sweden

“After years of holding off on knee surgery, I finally bit the bullet and decided to schedule it last year.  ACL surgery is pretty intense, and I was very nervous about the pain and slow recovery that would follow so I asked Kristi to do Reiki on my kneeAlthough it still is a long rehabilitation after the surgery, I experienced a lot less pain than I should have, and my orthopedist was very impressed with the progress I was making in a few short weeks. I also feel that the Reiki that Kristi performed helped me mentally to deal with the initial incapacity that comes with such surgery. I highly recommend her.  Thank you again Kristi!”

- Dominique, NYC

Testimonials Akashic Records
Soul Realignment - Akashic Record Readings

“I've had quite a few readings and met many clear clairvoyants, and Kristi is by far one of the best that I know. The Soul Realignment cannot only be described as a heavenly massage of my soul, it was a deja vu of the focal points of my life's day to day challenges and deep underlying drivers since childhood. The liberation and clarity the Soul Realignment brought has been fundamental and has truly shifted my perspective and outlook of my own being. Beyond feeling even more connected with my soul, the missing pieces of it have finally returned and my being is becoming fully restored again. Liberation at the deepest level and I couldn't be more grateful for it!” - Petra, NYC

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a soul realignment reading with Kristi and I can honestly say that it was truly eye-opening. I learned some fascinating facts about some of my previous lives and the experiences I had whilst alive which continue to resonate with me today. I can fully recommend Kristi if you are interested in finding out about your own past." - Keith, Staffordshire, UK

"Wow, is all I can say! Kristi delved into my soul essence and looked at blocks and restrictions I've built up over past lives. She described the actions and decisions I had made that still affect me, and removed all the negative energetic cords. Each of these issues resonated with my present situation, and after doing the clearing work on my own, I can already see huge changes in my life. I  look forward to continuing to release my fear-related issues now that I am aware of what triggers them. I highly recommend a Soul Realignment reading with Kristi. Life changing! " - Cynthia, San Francisco, CA

New York State requires that all legal psychic readings be defined as "for entertainment only." For legal, financial, or medical advice, you will want to seek help from qualified professionals. Please note that Tarot and psychic work is not a replacement for therapy.

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