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The Holy Conspiracy (Jesus's disciples vs Saint Paul) Book Cover

the holy conspiracy

"inherently fascinating." ~midwest book review

Erased from history—how Jesus’s brother led the disciples in a war of faith against the Apostle Paul. 


Haunted by the brutal execution of Jesus, his brother Yakov dwells in constant fear of persecution in lakeside Galilee where the Romans rule with bloodstained hands. When the other disciples elect him as their new leader, Mary Magdalen suggests that they form a secret society in the shadows of the Jerusalem Temple.


One day, an affluent tentmaker from Tarsus named Saul approaches Yakov with a wild tale of Jesus having risen from the dead as the long-awaited Messiah. The disciples protest: their beloved Jesus was a humble teacher, not a god. And they saw him die, they even entombed his body. When Saul scoffs at their objections and insists that only his version of Jesus as the Savior is true, a bitter battle of faith ensues.  But how can the disciples keep Jesus’s message of oneness with God alive in a world where the rich and powerful always prevail?


Spanning three decades, against a backdrop of violent Roman rule, THE HOLY CONSPIRACY is a tour de force of love and faith, arrogance and humility.   


also available through ingram and baker & taylor (for bookstores and libraries)


"This intriguing reinterpretation of the New Testament makes for an enjoyable unraveling of the traditional narrative of the Gospels. Mesu Andrews fans will want to take a look.". --Publishers Weekly

"Wow! A truly thought-provoking and satisfying read." --Grant Leishman, Readers' Favorite
"Fascinating and illuminating. [This] remarkable work [provides] a far better understanding of just what was at stake." --Barrie Wilson, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies, York University, Toronto. Author of How Jesus Became Christian; Searching for Messiah.
"Inherently fascinating and attention absorbing ... the kind of narrative storytelling style that will completely engage the reader's attention from first page to last. " -- MidWest Book Review

"Kristi Saare Duarte has a way of bringing history alive and reimagined. I can’t brag enough about this novel. The Holy Conspiracy is a must read." -- Urban Book Reviews

"The characters' words are never banal, they vibrate in the air, caress your face, or hit you hard like stones. Kristi Saare Duarte will go a long way, because her works exude pure and luminous energy." -- Crono News, Italy

"This is an absolute 5-star read for me. I am mind blown." --

Reading Groups & Book Clubs

For a 20% book club discount (5+ books), contact the author on info (at) kristisaareduarte (dot) com.

Download the reading group guide here: The Holy Conspiracy reading group questions 

Product Details

Title: The Holy Conspiracy

Page count: 296

Genre: Spiritual Fiction, Historical Fiction

Publisher: Conspicuum Press

Publication date: September 16, 2020

ISBN: 978-0-9971807-4-9

eISBN: 978-0-9971807-5-6

Available formats: Paperback, ebook

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