Advancing to the higher space of the current moment.

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

The last eighteen months have been shaky, highlighting the world's shortcomings, our differences, throwing a spotlight on our egos. But there's a way out of this...

This situation has been created on purpose. This is what our spirit guides and angels want to show us, because at one point we “wake up” and realize all this negative just makes us feel bad. This way, we can step out of our own shadow and observe what’s going on, instead. Like if we were watching a show, not our own lives. And once we do, we also step away from our own anger, resentment, fear. We see how those we think of as direct opposites of ourselves are actually just a reflection of ourselves.

When we see the hurting, the fear, the needing to be loved in them, we can finally accept, forgive and love them – and ourselves.

How can we advance to a higher space when the world appears to be in such turmoil? First of all, it’s important to be grounded. Imagine you’re like a tree, whose roots are firmly grounded in the earth. No matter what storm or hurricane passes by, you may sway and move, and maybe lose some leaves, but you will stay strong, healthy, and happy. Then let all the news, chaos, and noise just sift through your branches. Kind of like a waterfall, where you don’t resist all the negativity, just let it flow through you like a wind and not bother you.

It’s when you resist (whether it’s a mask, politics, a disease, a problem, someone shouting at you) that it persists. It stays.

Don’t be like a boulder in a river that lets the wild water flow past, and while you think you’re doing great and resisting the power of the river, the strong stream will continue to erode the stone little by little, and even perhaps tumble it along the riverbed. Resistance always brings disease, either in physical form or mentally. Try not to resist, but to welcome all that comes. Accept that you don’t know everything, you don’t have the complete truth. There may be many truths. Be innocent like a child. Be open to any possibilities. Rigidity and being certain of “facts” actually separate us from the oneness of what we call God or the Universe. Trust that everything happens for a reason.

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Remember – you can’t change anything by focusing on what’s wrong, only on the positive aspects of it.

Something I do when I’m in a chaotic situation, like on a crowded and noisy subway, especially when it stops in a tunnel and it’s hot and uncomfortable… I close my eyes and connect with all the people around me – on a soul level. I envision myself in a sphere of light and let that light spread, enveloping all the other entities and things around me. And suddenly they disappear. It’s like I’m alone in the entire world, while still connected to all others. We have all become the essence of God. The real us.

Being present is the best way to happiness. Leave the worries about the future behind, don’t dwell on mistakes from the past. Become an observer of your own mind. Be the Buddha, the awakened mind. When confronted by anger, let it sift through you, don’t react. Easier said than done? It comes with practice. The first step is to notice how you react. Then, you can try to meet confrontation with peace, let it wash over you, and send back love.

Don’t resist, allow.

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