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Immediate Access to Heaven (via a Toad)

If I told you that you can get instant access to Heaven, would you believe me? Have you longed for a state of complete bliss? A toad may be the answer to all your needs.

I had sat with the Toad Medicine (Bufo) before, so I kind of knew what to expect. I was ready and excited to release more of the pain that I have stored in my mental body for decades. This time, it was offered by a local couple who has dedicated their lives to healing with shamanic medicines.

We met at a New York City beach one hot Saturday morning in August. There were three of us who had come to sit with Bufo, plus the couple who administered the medicine.

All dressed in white, we made a ceremonial space at a short distance from the sunbathing families, and then we went closer to the water for a prayer. The wind was strong and the waves loud. I could barely hear Aliyah's words as she spoke, but I felt the energy from the hands I held, as we stood together in a circle of devotion, eyes closed. Each of the participants stated our intention for the ceremony. Mine was forgiveness and a desire to open my heart chakra.

I watched with great interest when Arjenis and Alijah prepared Sandra for the medicine and administered it. Bufo is a toad poison that you smoke through a glass pipe. This was Sandra's first time, and after inhaling deeply, she moved with the music, sang along a little, and then she disappeared to heaven. Only she knows what happened next.

Erica was next. She had sat with Bufo many times, and her initial physical reaction was dancing, something that she had decided beforehand she was NOT going to do. But Bufo is a teacher, and it helps us release what needs to be released, in a way that our bodies need. Once we take Bufo, we are no longer in control.

When it was my turn, I felt calm and excited.

First, I read an invocation that they had prepared, from a piece of paper. Then Aliyah lit the pipe and I inhaled and held the smoke. Then I exhaled and inhaled again. My mind went instantly to a place of bliss. It's like rising into a cloud of white where everything is perfect. Absolute bliss. I was quite conscious throughout the experience. I knew that I burped out energy, and cried out, but more than anything I exhaled from deep in my soul to release the stagnant energies and the pain that needed healing. I shed a couple of tears, but this time was much easier than the first time. In the eight months since I last sat with Bufo, I've worked a lot with forgiving myself and others for things that happened in the past.

It was amazing! I felt so much gratitude and oneness with all. My heart opened so wide.

At one point, Spirit told me that I can release pain and wounds simply through exhaling from my sacral chakra. At another time, Spirit told me "the serpent has awakened."

While I was still processing, a seagull flew directly over my head and squawked, and I laughed out loud. Years ago, when my parents had recently passed away, but they were still around in spirit, my sister thought a seagull might be the spirit of our dad. And then she heard Dad's voice say, "I wouldn't be a damn seagull, would I?"

When I returned to consciousness, but before I was ready to open my eyes, I heard a woman's voice say, "Can I go now?" I thought it was one of the other women, but now I'm not sure. But it made me think, "Oh no, I've got to open my eyes now. People want to leave, and I'm forcing them to wait for me." But then I remembered what I had processed last time with Bufo: this eagerness within me to always make sure everyone else is happy. And I thought, "No, I'm going to stay here and finish processing. They can wait." This might seem like a small thing for some, but for me it was huge. In the end, when I did open my eyes some ten minutes later, everyone was still around and no one was hurrying to leave.

I did have some remnant pain in my sacral chakra, but now I know how to release it: exhale through my lower stomach.

And it's a reminder that this is the chakra I need to focus on right now. Last time it was my solar plexus chakra, which now has been healed (though a lot of work and dedication to release old pain).

One thing that I thought while I was processing was that one session with Bufo equals one hundred therapy sessions. You release more and understand more in one thirty-minute sitting than you can release in years. Everyone should sit with Bufo. It's the most amazing thing in the world.

With deepest gratitude,


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