The Virgin of Galilee

According to the Bible, The Virgin Mary was betrothed to Joseph when she found herself pregnant. If we don’t blindly buy into the story that God impregnated her, what would the options be? If it’s true that Mary was a young girl and Joseph an older man, why would he have married her if she was pregnant with another man’s child?

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“But I don't want a child!" Mariam pushed her mother away and threw herself on the cushions on the floor, pulling her knees up and hiding her face in her lap. Then a thought struck. She looked up at her mother, her eyes widened with horror. "And what about Mar Yosef? He will never marry me now.”

In this section of my novella, The Virgin of Galilee, Mariam has just discovered that she is pregnant with her rapist’s child. Like any young unwed girl who finds herself in this situation, whether assaulted or not, she is devastated. Her child will ruin her life. No longer will she be the most popular girl in her village. Her life is over. And imagine, in those days there were no options like there are today. You couldn’t raise a child as a single mother. You definitely could not have an abortion. Adoptions were unheard of. She had to face her fiancé and tell him she was carrying another man’s child. And as a result, of course he would call off the engagement.

Do you imagine Mariam felt much like most mother’s who find themselves unwed and pregnant? What are the difference between then and now?

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