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The Key to Happiness: Staying Present

Ahhh... Staying present, the most difficult lesson to learn at all. Why is it so hard to stop worrying about the future, or planning a vacation, or rehearsing in your mnind what to say? And it's equally dfficult to re-run episodes from the past: what someone did to you, or what you wish you had responded, or the choice you should have made? When we focus on the past or the future, we can never be happy.

The only path to happiness is staying in the "now." Unless you're in mortal danger, nothing can threaten you here. It's all good.

Look at the sunshine. Taste the coffee. Listen to that lovely sound of music (or your puppy softly snoring). Feel the warm breeze against your skin. Smell the oranges as you walk through the supermarket.

The more you practice staying in the present moment, feeling gratitude for the wonderful things you have, the happier you will be.

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