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The Importance of Being Yourself

One of the things that I've learned from the last months of spiritual searching, which kicked off with Ayahuasca and continued with Bufo and Kambo, psilocybin microdosing, and profound meditation, is that we all wear masks. We all tend to pretend to be what others want us to be. More or less. I realize some people are closer to their true selves than others, but I believe we all have room to grow.

Before Aya and Bufo, I thought I was this tough, strong person who had always known exactly who I am. But I learned that I have deep wounds that need to heal, and I've been working on those in meditation and with Kambo, and I'm slowly emerging as a better and happier person.

One of the lessons I'm struggling with is letting the process take time, and not hurry toward some goal. And, funnily, my spirit guides are urging me to sparkle more (instead of hiding). It's a long journey, but every step of the way is amazing. And that's why this quote spoke to me.

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