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And Jesus Had A Son Named Judas

The Holy Conspiracy is a sequel to The Transmigrant, where Yeshua (Jesus) asks his friend Yudah (Judas) to point Yeshua out to the Roman soldiers if they come to arrest him for threatening an uprising against the Romans. Yeshua chooses Yudah for this task because he is the most brave of them all, and one of the most loyal disciples. This version of events is depicted in the second-century Gnostic Gospel of Judas. In Chapter Five of The Holy Conspiracy, Mariamne (Mary Magdalen) gives birth to Yeshua's son and names him Yudah after the man who sacrificed everything to honor his dear teacher's wish. But the other disciples refuse to understand that Yeshua chose to die to keep the others safe from the Romans' wrath.

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