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the transmigrant

Jesus in India

the holy conspiracy

The Disciples vs Apostle Paul

the virgin of galilee

The Prequel (novella)

the unknown Life of Jesus Christ 

AD 8, Galilee. The young carpenter Yeshua yearns for only one thing: to serve God. But when tradition closes the door to his dreams, another one opens, and he embarks on a journey across the Silk Road where he will meet many spiritual teachers.  

Many years after Jesus's crucifixion, a wealthy foreigner called Paul approaches the disciples with a wild tale of Jesus having risen from death as the Messiah. But to his disciples, Jesus was just a wise and humble teacher, not a divine being. A bitter battle of faith ensues...

The beautiful young Mariam has enjoyed a spoiled and popular life until she is assaulted by a Roman legionary at the Sepphoris market. No longer a suitable bride for the adolescents in her village, Mariam resigns to a life as a spinster. When she realizes she is pregnant, her life shatters. 

This is a rewritten version of Russian Adventurer Nicolas Notovitchs 1894 book, The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, which tells the true story about how Notovitch found scrolls about Jesus's travels in Asia in a Ladakhi temple in Northern India . Foreword by Kristi Saare Duarte..

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