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Kristi Saare Duarte

Author  Traveler  Healer

“Every living being can evolve into perfection of its own kind. If God is SElf, and Self can't die, there is no death. Theres's only Evolution - and perfection.”


—Yeshua, The Transmigrant

Spiritual Readings & Healing

Are you feeling lost? Do you need healing? Is a past-life issue bothering you? I'm a spiritual channel, certified Reiki Master, and Soul Realignment Practitioner. Read more about the services I offer, and shoot me a message so we can discuss.   


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I touch on subjects that are current, controversial, delicate and, of course, interesting.

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Kristi Saare Duarte_Small.jpg

About ME

I'm an award-winning author of spiritual novels THE TRANSMIGRANT and THE HOLY CONSPIRACY, who have spent a decade researching the truth behind Jesus and his disciples. I've studied more than sixty ancient scrolls and historical scriptures, including the Nag Hammadi Library and Josephus Flavius’s Antiquities of the Jews.


My background is in spiritual channeling and healing, and I believe all religions stem from the same universal message: love your neighbor as yourself and be kind to all.

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