The Transmigrant by Kristi Saare Duarte

The Transmigrant by Kristi Saare Duarte


THE TRANSMIGRANT is a (very) alternative take on the life of Jesus of Nazareth, devoid of the common myths associated with his persona. Inspired both by ancient scriptures and relatively new findings, such Russian traveler Nicolas Notovitch's 1894 book "The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ", THE TRANSMIGRANT explores Jesus' life during the years not mentioned in the Bible. 

Yeshua is a terrible carpenter. His tables always turn out crooked. But that's all right, because all he ever wanted was to be a preacher. But when a temple priest laughs and says that a carpenter's son can never be anything but just a carpenter, Yeshua's world shatters. He runs away from home and joins a camel caravan across the Silk Road to look for a guru. Along the way he loses his virginity to a beautiful, bald young widow and studies Buddha's and Krishna's teachings. But wherever he goes, no one recognizes his brilliance. They just want him to obey rules and conform to their beliefs. When he revolts, they kick him out. Yeshua returns home, only to find that Palestine has changed in the twenty years he has been away and the Romans view anyone who sticks out as a dangerous rebel. 

Told from Yeshua's own perspective, THE TRANSMIGRANT allows the reader to experience his doubts, desires, and struggles with his ego as Yeshua matures from a wannabe priest to an enlightened leader.

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