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the transmigrant

"deeply touching and very inspirational." ~readers Favorite

What if Jesus was once just an ordinary boy seeking enlightenment? This inspirational novel about Jesus’s lost years will make you believe universal harmony is possible.


The charismatic young carpenter Yeshua thrills his audience at the Jerusalem Temple when God seems to communicate through him. While his listeners gush, the priests scoff and say that no poor boy, however wise, can ever enter their holy ranks. Humiliated and robbed of his imagined destiny, Yeshua resigns to a dreary life as a simple laborer. Until one day, a Buddhist pilgrim asks Yeshua to join him on a journey across the Silk Road to a place where anyone can become a monk. Torn between duty and following his bliss, Yeshua must now decide if chasing his dreams of serving God is worth the price of bringing everlasting shame upon his family.


The Transmigrant is an inspirational story about Jesus's lost years that will appeal to readers of spiritual fiction like Siddhartha, The Celestine Prophecy, and The Alchemist.


The author artfully concocts a less self-possessed Jesus, still grasping for a sense of his life's mission. She delves into his youthful worldly longings, and the romantic experiences he has before his ministry. Captivating and powerfully related account of Jesus' early years. - Kirkus Reviews
An account that is very human and divine in nature, in moving language that provokes both conversation and meditation. Well-researched, focused, credible and inspirational historical fiction! -Historical Novel Society
A beautiful story, deeply touching and very inspirational. Filled with vivid descriptions and emotionally charged passages; the author fills the senses of readers with sounds, sights, and smells. It will transport readers to endearing spiritual climates. - Reader's Favorite
Brilliant in its simplicity of style, an inspired narrative that humanizes Jesus in a sensitive and delicate way, which we have not seen since Hermann Hesse's tale of the Buddha, Siddhartha, or Kahlil Gibrann's The Prophet. A detailed alternative history for the open-minded reader. - Paul Davids, Writer / Producer / Director of "Jesus in India" from NBCUniversal
A vivid narrative[that] deploys the methods of fiction to get at a truth about Jesus that history too often ignores. Jesus felt, explored, and articulated connections between humanity and the divine, and among human beings, in a way that has never been matched. The Transmigrant uncovers the emotional substratum of religious genius. - Bruce Chilton, Professor of Religion at Bard College andAuthor of "Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography"

Engaging, well-developed, and stunning, this one of the best reads yet. - Urban Book Reviews 

The Transmigrant will transport you to that ancient cosmos of biblical times with such searing vividness, you will swear the story is unfolding before your very eyes. The journey of this unforgettable story truly satisfies the reader on both a physical as well as spiritual level. - Luis Gonzalez, Author of Luz

An excellent coming-of-age novel, imbued with great mysticism... There are many adventures, twists, almost deadly episodes, not to mention the threads of spiritual intuitions that the author weaves into the plot. - Crono News, Italy

Duarte invites you to see the story of Jesus in a different light. Duarte's telling of the story of Yeshua flows smoothly, weaving naturally in with stories from the Bible and history and reported experiences of Jesus - WordsAPlenty

There are plenty of adventures, twists and turns, near-death episodes, not to mention the threads of spiritual insights which the author weaves into the plot. A very worthwhile read and recommended. - International Writers Inspiring Change


International Book Awards - 2018 - Religious Fiction (Gold)
Nautilus Book Awards - 2017 - Fiction (Silver)
Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) - 2018 - Religious Fiction (Bronze)

IHIBRP Reviews - 2018 - Recommended Read
Finalist: Foreword INDIE Book of the Year Award - 2017 - Religious Fiction
Finalist: Next Generation Indie Book Awards - 2018 - Religious Fiction
Finalist: National Indie Excellence Awards - 2018 - Religious Fiction

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Product Details

Title: The Transmigrant

Page count: 312

Genre: Spiritual Fiction, Historical Fiction, Religious

Publisher: Conspicuum Press

Publication date: July 13, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9971807-7-0 (hardback)

ISBN: 978-0-9971807-0-1 (paperback)

eISBN: 978-0-9971807-1-8

Audio ISBN: 978-0-9971807-2-5

Available formats: Hard cover, paperback, ebook, audiobook

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